Sakado Operation 2020


Since 2018 several schools, associations and countless volunteers have gathered to give birth to a love and solidarity project aimed towards helping homeless people in Barcelona. We are now launching the 4th edition of the SAKADO initiative, in collaboration with the French Liceo of Barcelona parents’ association (APA) and the association “El Chiringuito de Dios”, in order to distribute a sort of Christmas dinner…

Percentage of global poverty

  • Global homeless population
  • Global population without adequate habitat
  • Rest of global population

Source: United Nations, 2005

Top refugee source countries

  • Siria
  • Venezuela
  • Afghanistan
  • South Sudan
  • Myanmar

Source: UNHCR, 2019

Child labour worldwide

  • Rest of global children population
  • Global population who has suffered child labour

Source: ILO, 2013

Want to help ?

What are we doing?



Raise awareness to population about various humanitarian problems linked to Human Rights, trying to promote their participation in different actions.



Fundraising as a financial help for these organizations.


Promotion & Development

Promote small associations and accompany them in their evolution.