Lana solidaria is a solidarity project that involves knitting warm clothes that IURAA will distribute to homeless people in Barcelona.

It is a solidarity project that consists of knitting hats and scarves for homeless people in Barcelona. These are distributed during the deliveries organised as part of the Mano amiga project, another IURAA initiative, which consists of delivering a hot dinner to homeless people every Friday in the centre of Barcelona.

Lana solidaria is primarily aimed at people in old people’s homes. However, anyone can take part in it. The project is based on the idea of participation in solidarity projects in everyday life. Above all, we want to show that you can help with small actions such as knitting a garment in your free time.

The project also has an awareness-raising base, as these garments are accompanied by a small note of attention written by the volunteers. The people who benefit from these garments can then decide to reply to this note with another one, which will be given to the knitter.


¿Cómo ayudar?
Participate as a volunteer

You can help by knitting. Contact us and we will provide you with the necessary wool.

Whether you are a company or a private individual, all help is welcome. What we are looking for: fat wool, knitting needles.

Make a donation or become a member

You can make a donation or become a member with the amount of your choice and receive exclusive news or participate in the decisions of the association.


You can share as much as you want on social media or by talking about the project with those around you.

Testimonials from Lana solidaria volunteers