Sakado consists of handing out a backpack full of basic necessities to the homeless at Christmas time. 

Since 2018, several schools, associations and numerous volunteers have come together to create a moment of love and solidarity for the homeless people of Barcelona. Every year, at Christmas time, we go out to hand out backpacks full of basic necessities to those in need.

The project was born in 2018 thanks to a mother from the Lycée Français de Barcelona who decided to create the project. Each year, the project has been expanding more and more. Thus, in 2021, we managed to distribute 400 backpacks in Barcelona and Garraf. This project is carried out in conjunction with the Mano amiga project, which consists of distributing food in Barcelona every Friday.

These backpacks allow us to provide these people with basic necessities that are not easily accessible, such as hygiene products, blankets, backpacks, etc. We also provide them with a large amount of food, as it can be more difficult to find food during the holiday period.

Sakado is a very exciting project, also conceived to give them a day of joy and a generous help for the holidays. 


¿Cómo ayudar?

You can volunteer, either by cooking, delivering or helping with the logistics of the project. 

Whether you are a company or a private individual, any help is welcome. Most wanted: backpacks, blankets, hygiene products. You can also buy a backpack in our online shop and we will deliver it to you on the day of the project. 

You can make a donation or become a member with the amount of your choice and receive exclusive news or participate in the decisions of the association.

You can share as much as you want on social media or by talking about the project with those around you.

Testimonials from All for Lesbos volunteers