Raising awareness of human rights & connecting individuals and entities to each other

IURAA is a non-profit organisation, created in 2019, whose main objective is to raise awareness of human rights. To do so, we connect individuals, groups, companies and humanitarian organisations to promote a better life for all those in need.

Thanks to our charitable projects, online fundraising and volunteer projects, we help to obtain the necessary resources (funds, services, ideas, materials, volunteers, awareness and more) for social and solidarity projects implemented by other entities.


IURAA was created in 2019, with the idea of expanding knowledge and awareness about human rights that we believe to be fundamental but which, unfortunately, are often neglected.

IURAA proposes various activities to fulfil these aims, such as organising events, selling products to raise funds, conferences to raise awareness about specific situations and/or problems, fundraisings for NGOs, foundations or other entities, and collecting volunteers for those organisations.



Raise public awareness of the various humanitarian issues related to human rights, trying to encourage people to participate in various actions.



We carry out solidarity projects, doing our bit.



We seek to foster collaboration between humanitarian and solidarity organisations to create a synergistic movement and an even greater impact.


If you are a humanitarian organisation

  • Volunteer fundraising
  • Fundraising
  • Project development
  • Development of social networks
  • Creation of a visual identity (logo, posters…)
  • Digital presence (creation of a website)
  • Contribute ideas/brainstorming either for projects and/or development of the entity
  • Connecting with other humanitarian organisations to ensure greater impact for the same cause 
  • Expand your network


The association IURAA has been created with the aim to raise awareness and help on several major social issues, largely contradictory to human rights.


The association was created in August 2019 in the register of associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya in order to focus the help on the people around us. However, some projects are carried out at a national or international level when projects that need help appear in an urgent way.

We will offer help to collectives and entities in development in order to make them known. We will also help these entities, together with more influential organisations, to organise projects individually or collectively to create actions of greater social impact. 

We will carry out information and awareness-raising campaigns to raise public awareness of human rights and current human rights issues.

Finally, in order to create this spirit that promotes the universal declaration of human rights, we want to promote volunteering in different causes to encourage solidarity aid. 


Human dignity / importance of human rights

We believe in the importance of human rights and strive to uphold human dignity as one of these fundamental rights.

Solidarity, support and justice

“All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and, endowed as they are with reason and conscience, should behave towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood”. A phrase all too often repeated but often forgotten. Let’s never stop thinking about it…

Social development

As an unconsiderable human right, IURAA Association fights for the dignity and well-being of people, wherever they come from. We want everyone to be able to enjoy their rights without restriction of origin, gender, age, belief or skin colour.

Respect for the environment

Although IURAA’s projects do not focus on environmental actions at the moment, we are very concerned about that issue and invest a lot of effort in acting responsibly. 


Transparency is a core value for us. We want both the people who help us and the people we help to have all the information they need at their disposal. We also like to collaborate with organisations that share the same values.


Respect is the basis of all relationships, whether between individuals or organisations, and we must treat all people with equal respect.