We present to you our projects!

At IURAA we launch projects in order to connect people, groups, companies and humanitarian organizations and improve the lives of those who need it. We review the projects that we have already launched and we inform you about Tejido con Cura, the last to come out.

20/9/10 by Sònia Lecha

The situation of homeless people is worrying and the arrival of coronavirus has made it even more critical, especially in Barcelona. So many months in confinement, barely earning money and having many expenses, has caused many families to abandon their homes by force.

Picture by Mathilde Parmentier

Operation SAKADO

The first operation of this project was in 2018 and was carried out by a volunteer from the Chiringuito De Dios in Liceo francés de Barcelona (French school in Barcelona). El Chiringuito De Dios is an association in Raval (a district of Barcelona) that provides food, clothing and shower services to homeless people in the city.

SAKADO consisted of each elementary class making a backpack as a gift for each homeless person. Each student brought an object to class: socks, a T-shirt, food, drinks… to put it in their backpacks along with a Christmas letter. At the French Lycee they collected a total of 20 backpacks.

On December 17 of last year a very special dinner was held in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona. This dinner was for 32 homeless people who were given a backpack. It was organized by a team of volunteers and the Chiringuito De Dios association.

This year at IURAA we repeated the SAKADO operation. Between the French Lycee, the French school Ferdinand de Lesseps and the help of some volunteers, more than 100 backpacks were collected. The people who helped in the project took the backpacks and distributed them to the homeless. That day they gave away many smiles!

Picture by Stéphane Giloppe


Tejido con cura is the most recent project that we have launched at  IURAA Association. It is an initiative of mother and daughter that consists of making any piece of clothing such as scarves or gloves with wool. You can buy these products in our online store! All that is collected – except shipping costs and wool – will be donated to El Chiringuito De Dios.

The Catalan expression «tenir cura» refers to a dedication and attention in a special way towards a person, a thing, an animal or a situation. It is about caring, accompanying and making our contribution in one way or another. By buying one of these scarves you will be contributing to the well-being of these people who need it so much. Together we can go further. With a simple contribution, we get thousands of smiles.

If you want to help in Tejido con cura, in addition to buying the scarf, you can make a donation of 100% acrylic wool. It can be another type of wool but it is important to know its composition and to know if it can prevent allergies. Another option is to knit and help Alex and his mother in this project.

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