All for Lesbos: Sending a truckload of clothes, shoes and other basic necessities for refugees arriving in Lesbos, Greece.

The IURAA association, together with a private individual, has carried out the second edition of the All For Lesvos project, which involves sending a truck full of clothes, shoes and other basic necessities for refugees arriving in Lesvos, Greece. This truck arrived in Skala Sykamineas, a village located in the north of the Greek island, the closest area to Turkey, through which a large majority of refugees pass before crossing the Aegean Sea and reaching Europe. The donations went to the two NGOs in charge of emergency operations, ensuring the safe passage of people seeking refuge: Lighthouse Relief and Refugee Rescue. And also to Moria, Europe’s largest refugee camp.

65.3 million journeys in 2015

According to UNHCR’s annual Global Trends Report, the highest level of forced displacement was 65.3 million people at the end of 2015, thousands of whom died at sea trying to reach Europe. This emergency is mostly triggered by conflicts occurring in countries in the Middle East and Africa. These cause men, women and children to risk their lives to reach safety. The main countries of influx are the Mediterranean countries, such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Malta, as they are close and safe lands to the Middle East and Africa. Today, however, the border between Greece and Turkey, separated by the Aegean Sea, has become one of the main sites of migration to Europe.

Refugees arrive in Skala Sykamineas in dinghies, very unsafe boats. Moreover, sometimes they do not even wear life jackets or false life jackets which, instead of floating, sink instead, promoting the risk of shipwreck. As a result, those who do make it are often completely wet and at risk of hypothermia. The role of both Lighthouse Relief and Refugee Rescue is precisely to establish a 24-hour response every day of every year in order to prevent any accidents in the Aegean Sea. And thus ensure the safe passage of those people to Europe. When these NGOs receive groups of refugees, they are also responsible for providing them with clothes and shoes before they leave for the island’s main camp, Moria. This provision of clothing is essential for the well-being and health of all those who have had to flee their countries.

The project All for Lesbos


To this end, we decided to launch the second edition of this project because, in 2019, the number of arrivals in Lesvos increased significantly and because winter was approaching. In order to participate in this project, all volunteers were able to donate clothes, shoes, sleeping bags, blankets… at certain collection points in Barcelona.

All for Lesbos ended in December 2019 and was a great success. We managed to send approximately 3,500 kg of clothes to Lesvos, divided between the two NGOs – LightHouse Relief and Refugee Rescue – and the Moria refugee camp.

We are also grateful for the generous participation of Attika, Vialis and the Penya Blau Grana de Sant Cugat del Vallés.

A total of 401 boxes of clothes were sent thanks to all your donations!


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