Mano amiga consists of going out every Friday to the centre of Barcelona to hand out a dinner to the city’s homeless. 

Mano amiga was born on 10 January 2021. The night before, a storm hit the city and the temperatures were very low. With a small group of volunteers, we decided to go out and distribute hot soup and blankets to our friends on the street. Despite all the help we and the other organisations provided, the next day it came to light that two homeless people had died the same night due to the low temperatures. This event marked us and we decided to repeat this action as many times as we can.

This is how Mano amiga became one of our main projects. Since that day, we go out every Friday to deliver dinner, soup and basic necessities to people sleeping on the streets of the city. Since then, more than 95 volunteers have passed through the project, forming a unique family of involved and united volunteers.

Thanks to the Áurea Foundation, we regularly receive food and material for food preparation. Our incredible team of cooks is dedicated every week to prepare a worthy menu for our friends. Thanks to the support of our entire network of contacts and followers, we collect clothes and items to donate, thus providing these people with the basic necessities they deserve.


¿Cómo ayudar?

You can volunteer, either by cooking, delivering or helping with the logistics of the project. 

Whether you are a company or an individual, any help is welcome. Most wanted: warm clothes, tents, hygiene products, distribution material (cardboard cups, bags, cutlery…). 

You can make a donation or become a member with the amount of your choice and receive exclusive news or participate in the decisions of the association.

You can share as much as you want on social media or by talking about the project with those around you.

Testimonials from All for Lesbos volunteers