Who are we ?

Raise awareness about Human Rights and connect people and entities together.

IURAA is an non-profit association, created in 2019, which main goal is to raise awareness about Human Rights. For it, connect people, groups, companies and humanitarian organizations in order to promote a better life for those who needs it. 

Thanks to our solidarity events, on-line fundraising’s and volunteerings, we help to get those necessary ressources (funds, services, ideas, materials, volunteers, consciousness and more) for social and solidarity projects organized by others entities.

IURAAs creation

IURAA was created in 2019, with the idea to expand knowledge and consciousness about Human Rights that we think are fundamentals, but that, unfortunately, are often left behind.

IURAA offers a few activities for the achievement of these goals, as they are events organization, sells of products for fundraising, conferencies in order to raise awareness on specific situations and/or problems, fundraising destined to NGOs, foundations or other entities and volunteers catchment for these entities. 



Raise awareness to population about various humanitarian problems linked to Human Rights, trying to promote their participation in different actions.



Fundraising as a financial help for these organizations.


Promotion & Development

Promote small associations and accompany them in their evolution.